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Emblem 2024 Shawnee Lodge NOAC Trader Set PRE-ORDER

Emblem 2024 Shawnee Lodge NOAC Trader Set PRE-ORDER

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This patch set is the official fundraising trader set for the Shawnee Lodge 2024 NOAC Trip to Colorado!  This limited edition set celebrates the long legacy of military aircraft manufacturing in St. Louis.  A special second set is made that is only available to NOAC Contingent, Staff, and Delegates who should check their email in early May for their chance to order their allotment of these sets.


The Shawnee Lodge NOAC Contingent will travel to the University of Colorado Boulder in 2024 for a week packed with activities with Scouts from all over the country.  A trip to the National Order of the Arrow Conference is a once in a lifetime experience for youth members.  Past conferences have inspired ideas that have lead to permanent improvements to our lodges year round program offerings.  A trip of this size can be very expensive, and the Lodge is offering a series of fundraising opportunities for members to support our NOAC contingent and keep costs as low as possible for our youth members.

In 2022, the Lodge provided scholarships to 57% of the youth contingent members. In 2024, we are planning to raise over $10k to support 1) Lowering the cost for all youth who attend, 2) Providing additional price reduction to lodge youth leaders in attendance, and 3) provided additional need based scholarships where necessary.

Sets can be ordered for shipping, which will begin in early June, or pickup at the 2024 Fall Reunion.  Please note that if you are selecting other merchandise from the Gateway Traders online store the Fall Reunion pickup option will not be available.

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