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Backpatch Sunset - Shawnee Lodge

Backpatch Sunset - Shawnee Lodge

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The OA lodge backpatch for the Shawnee Lodge is a uniquely crafted and intricately embroidered patch designed to be worn on the back of a uniform or jacket by members of the Shawnee Lodge within the Order of the Arrow. The patch features a captivating sunset design, showcasing warm and vibrant colors that symbolize the beauty of nature and the spirit of the lodge.

The embroidery work is of high quality, capturing the details of the sunset with precision. The sunset design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also reflects the lodge's connection to the natural world and the principles upheld by the Order of the Arrow.

Wearing the Shawnee Lodge backpatch is a symbol of pride and camaraderie among members, representing their affiliation with a specific lodge and the shared values of the Order.

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